Introducing Open Local

Open Local is a non-profit organisation that helps create local government area clusters of innovative individuals and organisations who share ideas, information (data) and software tools to co-design and develop community solutions. We do this with a focus on people, open data, open standards and open source software as important building blocks for citizen-centric social infrastructure.

Open Local's goals include:

  • helping local communities be more collaborative and connected through social innovation using open-source, location-based platforms
  • building social inclusion by enabling community members to interact more easily with the range of stakeholders in their community
  • helping local government co-design service delivery platforms in an open way to facilitate interaction with local community members
  • increasing awareness of what open source software is available for use by local government and community orgaisations
  • building gateways to proprietary platforms to make them and the information they contain more openly accessible
  • identify needs which could be met through open source software development
  • enable training to be delivered to user groups formed organically in local areas around particular community needs and open data / open source software solutions